Increase your performance by giving your body the right fuel


No Secrets and No Shortcuts

If you are here expecting to find the magic potion to being the best athlete in the world in no time I am sorry to disappoint you, there is no magic. It is called science and expert trustworthy guidance combined with hard work and dedication, and this is what I am here to provide.

Passion and Accountability

I am here for you. This is the best part about what Carli Performance Nutrition offers. I was an athlete, I moved from a country like Italy, where healthy eating is taken for granted, to America. Many times I felt clueless about what to choose, uncertain about what was the best way to fuel my body. This is where my passion for sports nutrition all started.

I heard athletes saying that they eat McDonalds and they are doing and performing "just fine." So if you are doing "just fine" fueling your body with fast food, imagine what potential you can unlock if you decide to fuel your body the right way.

You can't put regular gas in a Ferrari. So are you a Ferrari or are you an old Pontiac? As Morpheus would say: "the choice is yours." I am now here to make things easy for you and guide you to real, tangible, and practical improvements on your body, mind, and performance.


I am talking about numbers. Whether it is body composition improvements, running times, points scored, pounds gained or lost, all of the progress through this journey will be measured and kept track of.


Complete Nutritional Assessment

Getting to know you, your habits, beliefs, preferences, routine, likes and dislikes, is extremely valuable in order for me to get you to your performance goals.

I am available for assessments in person in the state of Florida, via Skype, phone call or email, you will choose what method works best for you.

Personalized Meal Plans for the Athlete

After the complete nutritional assessment you will be given a nutrition plan

Our FootballTech Trainers

position specific coaching so that you can achieve your training goals. It's Truly Personal

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5 workout football coaching $299.99hr

position coaching combine training strength & conditioning *1-4 maximum coach player ratio.

5 workout football coaching $499.99hr

position coaching combine training strength & conditioning *1-4 maximum coach player ratio.

Team Clinics / Big Group (1 - 15+) $39.99 per player

Teams of 4-8 coaches for 1-3hrs to coach position groups. 1-4 coaching ratio Offense Defense Special Teams

Nutrition Education and Meal Plans $249.99 Per Month

Certified Chefs and Nutritionists Nutrition assessment to meet your personal diet needs Virtual cooking classes or Weekly grocery lists Estimate